Answering the Anti-Catholic Challenge


Answering the Anti-Catholic Challenge

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Answering the Anti-Catholic Challenge is an emphatic reply to an anti-Catholic attack launched in 2007 by Ray Galea, a former Catholic now minister in the Anglican Archdiocese of Sydney. Galea’s book, Nothing in my hand I bring, was a public and systematic attempt to debunk “every ‘distinctive’ teaching of Roman Catholicism” for allegedly undermining “the person and work of the Lord Jesus”. Written initially in anticipation of World Youth Day ’08, Galea’s book has become a best seller among Protestants both in Australia and overseas. In response, ten Catholics have banded together to provide a virtual word-by-word response to each and every one of Galea’s claims, establishing in the process the Biblical basis for all the principal teachings of Catholicism while exposing the deficiency of Galea’s book. Answering the Anti-Catholic Challenge is an essential resource for all Catholics who wish to strengthen their knowledge of their faith and win over the sincere and good-willed to the fullness of Christ’s truth.

"There is always a temptation, especially to young minds with an urge to purity, to translate shock at the failings of institutions and people into a return to an alleged doctrinal purity. Young Catholics unsure of their faith can find attractive the appeal of an apparent return to the unadorned scriptures. So there is a recurring need to explain in straightforward terms the Catholic story of the continuity of Catholic faith with scriptural tradition. Robert Haddad and his co-authors have laid out that story with clarity and force. It deserves attentive reading by all who deal with the challenge of Evangelicalism." - From the Foreword by Professor James Franklin

ISBN: 9781921421563
Title: Answering the Anti-Catholic Challenge
Author: Haddad, Robert M.
Format: Paperback

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