Bible: My Bible for My Communion


Bible: My Bible for My Communion

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With a beautiful unisex cover, marker ribbons, a thumb index, a certificate page and gilt edging, this is the ideal First Communion gift - sturdy, complete.
The NCB is a New Catholic Bible with commentary prepared by leading Bible scholars.
Key features:
* Simple yet faithful English translation
* Commentary on the Sacred Text
* Authoritative introductions
* Easy cross-references
* Compact lexicon of people, places and events
* Certificate page
* Selected Prayers
* Thumb Index
* Gilt Edging
* Two Marker ribbons
The New Community Bible (NCB), published by St PAULS Publications, is the revised edition of the popular Christian Community Bible translated by Late Bernardo Hurault, a French Priest and biblical scholar, from original languages to Spanish in 1971. Since then it has been translated into many languages and millions of copies have been distributed.

ISBN: 9780854399048
Title: Bible: My Bible for My Communion
Format: Hardback


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