Bible: Navarre Psalms & Songs of Solomon


Bible: Navarre Psalms & Songs of Solomon

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Psalms is essentially a book of prayers and Praises; most of the psalms are addressed to God, but here we also find proclamations of the works of the Lord, descriptions of man's light, curses invoked on enemies, songs in praise of the King or of the city of Jerusalem, and exhortations to the good life. The Psalms date back as early as the time of the great King David, but they are so evocative of the human condition that they articulate the feelings and desires of people in every age. Also included here is the Song of Solomon, or Song of Songs; a blending of love songs, it also celebrates the mutual love between God and the human individual, and between God and his People.

ISBN: 9781889334950
Title: Bible: Navarre Psalms & Songs of Solomon
Format: Hardback

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