Child, Arise!


Child, Arise!

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This practical handbook invites the reader to embark on a journey of healing by taking a guided walk through the Scriptures where they will learn to listen to their personal story narrated by a loving God.

As this transforming journey unfolds, the reader will be amazed as they discover the presence of an all-loving and compassionate God who walks with them and extends a healing hand to them, empowering them to work through the effects and issues of sexual abuse. It is a practical handbook that also offers insight to spiritual and pastoral care workers accompanying survivors of sexual abuse, family and friends and other supporters.

Interwoven within the scriptural reflections is the story of the author's own journey from trauma to healing. It is a powerful and moving narrative that serves as a model for other survivors.

Distinctive features of this book

The author writes as a survivor of abuse speaking to other survivors of abuse (particularly sexual abuse).
It is a practical handbook that invites the reader to participate by walking their own spiritual journey.
It acknowledges the deep spiritual wounds of survivors of abuse by dealing with the big existential questions that arise.
It deals with the distorted image of God that victims often cannot escape.
Even those who read the book and have not have been abused can walk this spiritual journey.
While focusing on the spiritual, it is also integrates the very real practical issues faced by survivors of abuse and those who support them.
It is written in a gentle and non-imposing manner.
It is a handbook that gently introduces the readers to a technique and step-by step-guide on how to encounter and listen to God through the Scriptures and how to experience the transforming power of Scripture at work in their life.
It reveals how holistic healing can be achieved through spirituality and shows how God works through the Scriptures and has the power to transform and integrate the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual effects of abuse.
It is a practical handbook that offers insight to spiritual and pastoral care workers accompanying survivors of sexual abuse and the technique of approaching the Scriptures may be used as a guide for survivor support groups attempting to respond to survivor's spiritual needs.

ISBN: 9781863551533
Title: Child, Arise!
Author: Dowling, Jane
Format: Paperback


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