Church Administration Handbook (2nd Edition)


Church Administration Handbook (2nd Edition)

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The SECOND EDITION of the Church Administration Handbook outlines how the complex institution that is the Catholic Church in the modern world is structured and functions. It introduces readers to important aspects of church law and to civil legislation of relevance for church-based organisations.

Many changes have occurred in civil legislation and church practice in the ten years since the Church Administration Handbook was first published. The original edition has now been completely revised with changes made where necessary and new material included.

Written by experts in ecclesiastical and civil law, the SECOND EDITION of the Church Administration Handbook is an invaluable resource for:

Managers of the church's temporal affairs

Administrative staff in parishes, schools, hospitals and other church institutions

Members of finance councils and boards

Seminarians and others preparing for leadership roles in the church

Professional advisers to church bodies, civil lawyers and accountants

Journalists and members of the media who write about the church

ISBN: 9781925494129
Title: Church Administration Handbook (2nd Edition)
Format: Hardback


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