Faith Facts: Answers to Catholic Questions


Faith Facts: Answers to Catholic Questions

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Faith Facts: Answers to Catholic Questions, Vol. I, is a natural outgrowth of our popular Catholic Responses department, through which we serve thousands of people who contact us with questions concerning the Catholic faith. Faith Facts, Vol. I, will prepare you to answer 23 of the most frequently asked questions about what the Church teaches and why, including Papal authority, Mary's role in our salvation, the truth about birth control, and more!

About the Faith Facts Series: Faith Facts strives to present sound, constructive teaching on a wide range of topics that are important to Catholics today. Each chapter also contains practical questions to facilitate small group discussions and to assist the reader in applying these teachings to his or her own life.

ISBN: 9780966322347
Title: Faith Facts: Answers to Catholic Questions
Author: Ed. Suprenant, Leon J., & Gray, Philip C.L.
Format: Paperback

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