How to Grow in Faith


How to Grow in Faith

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How to grow in faith challenges participants to interact by asking questions, searching for answers together, and discovering how God loves each of them very deeply. Taking the book Tweeting with GOD as a basis, the online material, videos, mobile apps, social media, and manifold activities make this a very interactive program. It can be used with teenagers, young adults, and adults, those who are completely new to the faith, as well as those searching to deepen their understanding.

This is a detailed handbook for helping people to grow in faith. It can be used by seasoned teachers and beginning leaders alike. It covers all stages of the course, including a detailed layout of the program for every course meeting and all activities. The course can be used by schools as a program for religious education, by communities as a catechetical program to grow in faith, or by parishes to support those preparing for the Sacraments of Confirmation or First Holy Communion, catechumens seeking Baptism (RCIA), or couples preparing for marriage. Think also of the personal development of teachers, health workers, social workers... or as follow-up after introductory courses like the Alpha Course. How to grow in faith can be used in all these circumstances.

ISBN: 9780648804437
Title: How to Grow in Faith
Author: Remery, Fr Michel
Format: Paperback

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