Jesus Welcomes You to Mass


Jesus Welcomes You to Mass

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“I am Jesus. I’m your friend and I love you. And I’m waiting for you to come to Mass!” Jesus loves children and wants to draw close to them during the Mass.

In this beautifully illustrated book, Jesus “speaks” directly to children, explaining the Mass by linking the liturgy to scenes from the Gospels. Children will understand what’s happening when they go to Mass and why Jesus is so happy they are there. Illustrations of objects used at Mass, as well as several prayers for children, are also included.

This book can be read before Mass to help prepare children for the celebration or brought to Mass so that children can follow each part of the liturgy. The goal is to help kids connect the actions of the Mass with Jesus’ gift of himself in the Eucharist.

ISBN: 9781921963001
Title: Jesus Welcomes You to Mass
Author: Burrin, Angela M
Format: Hardback

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