Lord and Master of My Life


Lord and Master of My Life

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“Accepting Christ as ‘Lord and Master of My life’ is very important for all of us. It is especially significant for those who have a tendency to be autonomously obsessed with their self-image because, many times, they separate their life from Him, something which show that, in essence, they do not acknowledge Christ as ‘Lord and Master of their life.’ It is true that man, having the tendency of ancestral sin, shamelessly dares to make himself God in his everyday life in order to have the ability to get to know everything and taste every fruit, uninterruptedly and with no moral reservations since, “without God everything is acceptable.” In this way, he rejects God from his life so he can live freely and enjoy the carnal pleasures and all the comforts of this world and to experience paradisiacal sensual pleasures which in fact are a false, fictitious and utopian world. This is because, it is simply impossible for heaven to exist without Christ, without placing Him as ‘Lord and Master of our life.’

ISBN: 9780646816845
Title: Lord and Master of My Life
Author: Makarios, Archbishop
Format: Paperback

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