Navigating the Tiber


Navigating the Tiber

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In Navigating The Tiber, Devin Rose ( author of Protestant's Dilemma) draws from his own experience as a convert and shows you how to help your friends and family members make the "crossing" to Rome by journeying with them, offering the information, arguments, and most of all the prayerful support they'll need to reach their spiritual home. Not only does he equip you with the knowledge you'll need to answer their questions and challenges, he shows you how to deal with the common aspects of a convert's journey, including: -The best subjects to talk about and avoid plus the right order to put them in -The five biggest non-doctrinal problems that keep Protestants out of the Church -What to do when their anti-Catholic friends pressure them -Adapting your efforts to their particular Protestant tradition -The importance of continual prayer and friendship, whether they convert or not.

ISBN: 9781941663776
Title: Navigating the Tiber
Format: Paperback

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