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Online With the Saints

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Imagine you could meet and greet a saint, which saint would you choose? This book offers a virtual encounter with 100+ saints from all around the world. Woman and men, carpenters adn scholars, mothers and popes, princes and paupers: their inspiring life stories are linked to real life modern questions, and together with them answers are found.

Anyone can become a saint! Every saint is different, with their own unique personality and destiny. Each of them found their vocation in a different way- demonstrating that God has a special plan and vocation for each individual.

Great as a gift, for Parishes and for Schools

Fr Michel Remery is a Catholic priest, founder of Tweeting with God and author of various books. He studied architecture (1992-1996) and worked several years before studying philosophy and theology in Rome (1999-2006). His PhD was on the relationship between liturgy and architecture. He became an assistant priest in Leiden in the Netherlands (2006-2012), where he mainly worked with young people and students. It was here that Tweeting with God came into being. As the Vice Secretary General of the Council of European Bishops' Conferences (2012-2017) Father Michel was, among other tasks, the secretary of commissions related to Social Communications, Youth, and Catechesis. In 2018 he continued his priestly mission in Luxembourg, where he is the national youth chaplain, and committed to youth ministry on an international level as director of Tweeting with God.

ISBN: 9780648360193
Title: Online With the Saints
Author: Remery, Fr Michel
Format: Paperback

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