Parents, Children and the Facts of Life


Parents, Children and the Facts of Life

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Father Sattler has written Parents, Children and the Facts of Life to help parents f`ulfill the extremely important duty of training boys and girls to be pure and innocent, and eventually to enter marriage with a noble and holy purpose if God calls them to that state of life. According to the official Catholic teaching, sex education is the duty of the parents, yet many parents still struggle to convey the facts of life to their children in a natural and inspiring way. Applying traditional Catholic principles to very practical questions, Fr. Sattler explains what parents should tell their children, when and how they should tell it, what moral and psychological dangers they must avoid, and what questions they should anticipate. His conversational and down to earth style provides parents with the confidence and practical wisdom to fulfill their role as their children's primary teachers of the facts of life.

ISBN: 9780895554895
Title: Parents, Children and the Facts of Life
Author: Fr Sattler, Henry V
Format: Paperback

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