Praying Constantly


Praying Constantly

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Just what did the Apostle Paul mean when he said, \"Pray without ceasing\" (1 Thess 5:17)?

In this perceptive and timely book, celebrated spiritual teacher Benedict Groeschel demonstrates how the combination of grace with enduring Christian truths and practices will enable you to experience a deep, rewarding prayer life that in effect premeates everything you do.

But Groeschel is not implying everyone should join a monastery. In fact, he points out that half of the communication equation has already been solved by ordinary Christians. God, who created humans in His image, is constantly trying to get in touch with us. He uses the gift of our senses, the beauty of creation, and the riches of music, art, and literature as a kind of celestial \"call-waiting\" system.

The challenge confronting us is to \"answer the call\" by cultivating an awareness of God's loving presence. The foundation for doing so is to establish and maintain a schedule of daily prayer, thereby creating a framework for communication with God. In addition, the Church offers a lavish variety of resources to support our personal efforts, from daily Mass attendance, to praying the Rosary, to engaging in the ancient practice of lectio divina. As we let God touch our spirits, we will begin to practice contemplation, a prerequisite for regarding everything in our lives as spiritual exercises.

This remarkable book uses the testimonies of Scripture and of the lives of saints through the ages to show how you can make your words and actions a river of unceasing prayer.

ISBN: 9781592767908
Title: Praying Constantly
Author: Groeschel, C.F Fr Benedict R
Format: Paperback


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