Saint: Why I Should be Canonized Right A


Saint: Why I Should be Canonized Right A

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Lino's first book, Sinner, was full of stories--honest, humorous, bold, poignant--illustrating why he deserved that title. This new book takes another approach, another angle: why Lino is on his way to sainthood. Often hilarious, but always with a point, Saint focuses on God's grace in Lino's life and shows how even a sinner like him can look forward to being a saint. As Lino himself puts it: "Instead of stories of small triumphs and many failures, this is a book to encourage you in your own triumphs. To realize you might not be as big a sinner as you think. And that with God's help, you might just become a saint." Picking up where Sinner left off, Saint points the way to our end goal--holiness and sainthood--and does so in a way that entertains as well as inspires.

ISBN: 9781616366681
Title: Saint: Why I Should be Canonized Right A
Author: Lino, Rulli
Format: Paperback

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