Sex Scandal: Drive to Abolish Male and Female


Sex Scandal: Drive to Abolish Male and Female

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Men and women used to cheer: vive la difference!

But now, contrary to all science and common sense, we're supposed to believe that there is no difference. (And if you insist there is, you just might be accused of a hate crime!)

Our culture and our laws are endorsing a worldview rooted in craziness.
For instance, we're told that:

Boys who think they're girls (and who could change their minds tomorrow) should be allowed to participate in girls' sports and shower in their locker rooms

Expectant mothers are now "birthing individuals"

Coed college dorm rooms and bathrooms are great, but single-sex clubs are a campus danger

It's horrible for stores to have separate boys and girls clothing departments (let alone toy sections)

It would be a great idea for our military to lower physical standards and push young women and mothers into combat roles in the military

If you think that's insanity, you're not alone, but you might be surprised at just how widespread and successful this lunatic campaign has become.

In her compelling new book, Sex Scandal, journalist Ashley McGuire takes this radical campaign to task and reveals:

How so-called "gender-norming" flies in the face of science (which is proving that men and women are even more different than commonly acknowledged)

Why especially if you have kids it's almost impossible to avoid the dangerous consequences of a "gender neutral" world

How embracing sexual differences can make policing safer, government more efficient and hedge funds lose less money

How "gender neutrality" is making women more vulnerable to violence

How the word "gender" formerly a grammatical term has been used to dismiss the reality of definite, biological "sex" (male and female) with fluid "gender identities"

Why "gender" insanity is not something we can just ignore and hope will fade away, but need to refute now with hard, cold facts before it does any more damage (which it likely will)

Sex Scandal: The Drive to Abolish Male and Female is packed with news-breaking interviews, shocking examples, and "inconvenient" facts that everyone needs to read and act on.

ISBN: 9781621575818
Title: Sex Scandal: Drive to Abolish Male and Female
Author: Mcguire, Ashley
Format: Hardback

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