St John of the Cross for Everyday


St John of the Cross for Everyday

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Saint John of the Cross (1542-1591) is one of only 33 “Doctors of the Church” – and one of only three Carmelites. A contemporary of fellow-Spaniard and Carmelite, Saint Teresa of Avila, he is considered one of the great mystics in the Western Church, one of the glories of Spain and the Carmelite order. This devotional book is made up of his sayings from his masterpieces “The Ascent of Mount Carmel”, “The Dark Night”, “The Spiritual Canticle” and “The Living Flame of Love”, all edited and translated by Fr. Kavanaugh in Paulist Press’ “Classics of Western Spirituality” series. In this little gem of a book, for each day of the year there is a thought on which to dwell, pray, or meditate. What makes this book unique is that it can can be picked up on ANY day of the year and the reader can appreciate the chosen thought. If you miss a day, the book will always be applicable for ANY and EVERY day of the year regardless of your circumstances. This is the perfect pocket-/purse-sized gift book for those who have a devotion to St. John and to Carmelite spirituality in general.

ISBN: 9780809144440
Title: St John of the Cross for Everyday
Format: Paperback

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