The Dolorous Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ


The Dolorous Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ

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Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich was an Augustinian nun at the Convent of Agnetenberg, Dulmen, Westphalia, Germany. She lived between 1774 to 1824. During her life, God gave her extensive visions of the past, the present and the future. Many theologians believe that she received from God more visions than any other saint. The Sorrowful (Dolorous) Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ are the visions of Anne Catherine Emmerich concerning the horrific sufferings our Dear Lord Jesus Christ suffered in his work to save mankind. This includes the Last Supper, the Agony in the Garden, the Arrest, the Scourging the Crowning of Thorns, the Trial by Pontius Pilate, the Carrying of the Cross, the Crucifixion and the Dying on the Cross and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. They are incredibly, highly detailed and descriptive, revealing to us more information about the Life of Jesus Christ besides what we read of Him in the Bible. These excerpts are from the book: THE DOLOROUS PASSION OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST.

ISBN: 9781545192269
Title: The Dolorous Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ
Author: Emmerich, Anna Catherine
Format: Paperback

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