Thomas More a Portrait of Courage


Thomas More a Portrait of Courage

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In this biography, Wegemer addresses the hidden spiritual life of More, and asks: what motivated his spiritual struggles, and how did his writings open a window to his inner life? This fascinating book answers these important questions.

One of history’s most admired figures, Thomas More stands as a model of courage, integrity, fortitude, and other virtues. As a highly successful lawyer, diplomat, and father of a large family, he sacrificed everything that the world holds dear for what his conscience dictated was a principle that could not be sacrificed.

The Catholic Church recognized his heroic virtue and holiness by making him a saint along with Bishop John Fisher on the 400th anniversary of their martyrdoms in 1935. This new biography details the hidden spiritual life of More.

ISBN: 9781594171680
Title: Thomas More a Portrait of Courage
Author: Wegmer, Gerard B
Format: Paperback

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