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To Know Worship & Love Bk 2

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The striking cover of this book indicates the Old Testament theme that complements the usual Good Shepherd emphasis on the Gospels. Further developing methods based on the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, this book first helps children deepen their understanding of God in chapter 1, Images of God. The human family and the Church as God’s family are presented in chapters 2 and 3, with selected saints as leading Christians in chapter 4. The life story of St Patrick is set out in chapter 5.

Liturgical catechesis is an essential component in the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. Teaching the signs and symbols unfolds throughout chapters 6 to 12. Lent and the Paschal Mystery are presented in three moments in chapter 6, with a focus on the blessed ashes and palms, the washing of feet, the veneration of the cross and chapter 7 Jesus is the Light of the World, proclaimed in the lights of the Easter Vigil. The Paschal Mystery in its Old Testament roots, is introduced in chapter 8, God of Freedom – the Exodus event and the role of Moses.

The Sacraments, especially the Eucharist, are the focus of signs and symbols in chapter 9, in preparation for the following year when children usually receive their First Communion after more focused Eucharistic catechesis. First Reconciliation is anticipated in the two parts of chapter 10 built around the Prodigal Son: repentance, welcome and forgiveness. Chapter 11. Feeding the Hungry, also has two moments, moving from Christ feeding multitudes to Christ feeding us with his Body and Blood in the Eucharist. Chapter 12, Pentecost People, may serve either as remote preparation for Confirmation, or as immediate preparation in places where the sacrament is given at this level.

The wonder of God’s Creation, more parables and prayer are found in chapters 13-17

The final chapters 18 and 19, on Advent and Christmas, conclude the book, but would need to be used at an earlier stage in the academic year in the Northern Hemisphere.

The Shape of a Good Shepherd Chapter

Each Chapter begins with a story taken from Scripture or life. This is followed by I Wonder, a key component in the Good Shepherd experience. “Wonder questions” do not require a final reply (closure) but invite the child to wonder at the mystery of God among us in Christ. They draw on the spiritual awareness of the baptised child, on his or her religious imagination and capacity to explore. A Home Activity links the domestic church to learning at school or in a CCD group so that parents may truly be the “first educators” in faith. Prayer is the response of the children as they develop a personal faith relationship with Jesus the Good Shepherd.

ISBN: 9780975671436
Title: To Know Worship & Love Bk 2
Format: Paperback

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