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To Know Worship & Love Bk 6

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The Church in terms of social solidarity introduces this level, One in Christ Jesus, including a challenging Indigenous Australian story. The Beatitudes and saints who exemplify them, chapter 2, and free will, chapter 3, set the theme of living justly and making good choices. Chapter 4, on Reconciliation, leads into Lent and Holy Week, and the reality of Christ’s bodily Resurrection is proclaimed in chapter 6.

The four “marks of the Church” are explained in chapter 7, One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic, and the Church is then presented as the People of Pentecost in chapter 8. Chapter 9, on the Lord’s Prayer, is followed by The Word of God, presenting the Scriptures and Tradition as one revealing Word, within the Church.

One in the Spirit, chapter 11, centres around Confirmation as may be appropriate at this level. We Gather to Worship presents the Mass as the Lord’s Sacrifice. The God We Worship, chapter 12, explores the mystery of our God and Monotheism.

Mary is presented as The Faithful Disciple in chapter 13, which is followed by sacramental chapters, on Marriage the Covenant of Love and The Anointing of the Sick. Chapter 17 on the mission of Christians in the world reinforces the justice theme. Chapter 18 on Second Coming of Christ leads into a final chapter on Advent.

Parents, teachers and catechists will note a subtle transition in the styles of the art in these later primary level texts – ranging from symbolic and original commissions, with some photos, to selected classical masterpieces. The Catholic child has a right to cultural catechesis. God is celebrated in all the cultures that are taken up and used by the Holy Spirit within the heritage of the Universal Church.

The text for level 5 is written so it could be used also at level 6, upper primary or elementary education. In some countries these levels are blended.

The Shape of a Chapter

In Books 3 to 6 the chapters are written to help each child “to know, worship and love”. To Remember is doctrinal points taken from the Doctrinal Overview that covers the seven primary/ elementary school levels. This should be learnt by heart. An essay sums up the content of the chapter. This is followed by The Word of God, both in Scripture and in Tradition, according to the teaching of the Second Vatican Council, Dei Verbum 10. Our Prayer is the heart of the chapter. Living the Gospel applies the theme to the daily experiences of children. Did You Know? cultivates cognitive skills and Reflecting Together At Home and At School relates parents as the first teachers in the domestic church to learning at school or CCD class.

Our Prayers, pp. 186-191, builds on the basic Catholic prayers the child should learn by heart, adding more prayers appropriate to the age group.

Summaries of Christian Teaching, pp. 192-195 is particularly useful for memory work, including the Creeds, the Ten Commandment and Precepts of the Church, the Beatitudes, Virtues and Vices. A Map of Palestine at the time of Our Lord appears on p. 197.

ISBN: 9781921154362
Title: To Know Worship & Love Bk 6
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