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To Know Worship & Love Kindergarten

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The first three books in the series To Know, Worship and Love, K, 1 and 2, are based on the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. This method of religious education and formation was first developed in mid twentieth century Italy by women who studied under Maria Montessori. The young child is introduced directly to Jesus Christ in the Gospels and to the liturgical and sacramental life of the Church. The learning process is built around story, play and wonder. Normally a text book is not used for the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, but in a school context these texts support the interactive process in a sacred learning space, or “atrium”. In the classroom this space is proposed in adapted form in chapter 1, Our Prayer Place.

In chapter 2, The Good Shepherd, and unit 3, Lost and Found, the authors first present Jesus Christ as the Good Shepherd. This is the symbol of Christ that children most easily relate to, across all cultures. Then his saving work for us is presented in the key events of the Paschal Mystery, his death and resurrection: 4. Jesus Washes the Disciples Feet, 5. Take and Eat, 6 From Death to New Life, 7, Jesus is Alive, 8. The Spirit Comes. Chapter 9, Our Wonderful World presents the mystery of creation all around us. The strong Eucharistic emphasis is developed further as he child explores the sacred space of the church building in chapter 10, We Visit the Church. The concrete symbols of worship lead into chapter 11 Together at Mass. Liturgical and sacramental catechesis is essential in the Good Shepherd experience. Young children are fascinated by symbols and readily enter the space and action of liturgy.

Some Old Testament stories that young children can absorb are presented in chapters 12, Our Parents in Faith, on Abraham and Sarah, 13, The Birth of Moses, and 14, God Chooses David. From the first year of school, the young Catholic is thus introduced to the key stories of his or her Judaeo-Christian heritage. Chapters 18, 19 and 20 accompany the season of Advent and Christmas. In the Northern Hemisphere these chapters would be used early in the school year.

The Shape of a Good Shepherd Chapter

Each Chapter begins with a story taken from Scripture or life. This is followed by I Wonder, a key component in the Good Shepherd experience. “Wonder questions” do not require a final reply (closure) but invite the child to wonder at the mystery of God among us in Christ. They draw on the spiritual awareness of the baptised child, on his or her religious imagination and capacity to explore. A Home Activity links the domestic church to learning at school or in a CCD group so that parents may truly be the “first educators” in faith. Prayer is the response of the children as they develop a personal faith relationship with Jesus the Good Shepherd.

Scripture references to be read to the children are provided on pp, 154-166

KWL Big Books and Posters are available to accompany some chapters in this text.

ISBN: 9780975671429
Title: To Know Worship & Love Kindergarten
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