What Pope Francis Says About Marriage


What Pope Francis Says About Marriage

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Every married couple can look to Pope Francis as a caring spiritual director who offers both profound wisdom and sensible advice for daily living. How is he able to bring so much to so many people? Because Pope Francis knows that Jesus’ love is the answer to every question, problem and challenge. In his ministry to millions of families around the world, Pope Francis invites us to imitate Jesus’ tender, self-giving love every moment of every day. He knows that when we recognize God’s presence in our families, and lovingly pass on the faith to our children, our joyful love is unstoppable. Spend 30 days here with Pope Francis, reflecting on marriage and family. Let his words help you discover how God’s grace envelops your family with love, now and forever.

ISBN: 9781627850896
Title: What Pope Francis Says About Marriage
Author: Pope Francis
Format: Paperback


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