When Life Doesn’t Go Your Way


When Life Doesn’t Go Your Way

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Most women have a mental ?script? or plan for their lives. And, of course, that script has a happy ending. However, that’s not always what happens. When we are faced with a change in the script?whether that be a loss of a loved one, a dream, our health, or some other tragic event, how do we respond in faith? Retreat speaker and author Katrina J. Zeno wants us to have a heart of hope, one that presses into God and stays connected instead of drawing away during difficult times. Through personal stories, anecdotes, witnesses, and Scripture, Zeno invites women to recognize God’s goodness, presence, and action in their lives.

ISBN: 9781593251529
Title: When Life Doesn’t Go Your Way
Author: Zeno, Katrina J.
Format: Paperback

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