Where the Hell Is God


Where the Hell Is God

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There are libraries of books on theodicy – the branch of philosophy and theology that wrestles with how God can allow a world to exist within which there is suffering and pain. The problem with these libraries is that they contain books which are generally written by professionals for their peers. ‘Where the Hell is God?’ combines the best of the professional’s insights with the author’s own experience and insights to speculate on how believers can make sense of their Christian faith when experiencing tragedy and suffering.

Starting with a very personal story of the author’s sister being left a quadriplegic from a car accident twenty years ago, ‘Where the Hell is God?’ gently leads the reader through “take home” messages that are sane, sound, and practical. Among these messages are: God does not directly send pain, suffering, and disease; God does not punish us; God does not send accidents to teach us things, though we can learn from them; and God does not will earthquakes, floods, droughts, or other natural disasters.
This concise, accessible, and experienced-based book will help people who are suffering as well as those who minister to them and their families.

ISBN: 9781587680601
Title: Where the Hell Is God
Author: Leonard, Richard
Format: Paperback

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