Breakthrough: a Journey from Desperation to Hope


Breakthrough: a Journey from Desperation to Hope

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Breakthrough is the story of Rob Galea's journey from troubled teen to Catholic priest in the Sandhurst Diocese in Victoria, Australia. It offers a path to joy and peace in a world where bad things happen.
Known to millions as a singer, songwriter or 'Father Rob from Australia's X Factor', many would not know how far removed his world is today from the 'little circle of hell' he created as a 16-year-old in Malta.
Struggling under the weight of addiction and depression, Fr Rob was considering ending his life when redemption came through a phone call. Knowing that he needed help, Fr Rob fought his demons to forge a relationship with Jesus Christ and has never looked back.
Breakthrough asks the reader to find their own way through adversity to the better life that awaits them.
It's a powerful story about recovery, redemption and faith, and is told by one of the most charismatic priests of our time.

ISBN: 9781925073485
Title: Breakthrough: a Journey from Desperation to Hope
Author: Galea, Robert
Format: Paperback


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